Your business startup lawyers

Petrova&DeAmicis Law Firm is your successful choice for a legal firm that will help you bring your business ideas to reality by making an exciting start of your own company.

We are going to be your trusted partner and we will provide you with first class legal services from well-trained and experienced lawyers.

Our package “Business start” shall include:

1. brainstorming session for the preparation of suitable legal strategy for your starting company;

We expect from you to get us acquainted with your business idea and we will suggest to you a business structure that includes the following:

– choosing the suitable type of a commercial company or a structure of companies, which shall meet the expectations of your business venture. In case that you need a structure of companies, the package’s price shall be amended depending on the expected work volume;

– share structure and structure of the specific function of the shareholders;

2. Preparation of the necessary company formation documents related to your company or a structure of companies.

3. Preparation of shareholders’ agreements and management agreements.

4. Registration of your company with the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-profit Organizations to the Registry Agency.

We are aware that the start of a business venture includes addressing a wider range of issues and therefore we offer a complex consultation with an accountant, a tax consultant and a human resources specialist. This will make it possible for you to receive the valuable initial advice on the start of your business, including how to keep your accounting, how to hire the most appropriate people for your team and which are the other important issues that you should resolve in order to have a successful start of your business.

Additionally you will receive:

– Preferential conditions for legal services that could be necessary in the course of your future activity;

In case that you are planning a wider range of activities, you will have the opportunity to conclude a subscription legal services agreement with additional preferential conditions compared to the standard legal fees according to the Tariff of the law firm.

Petrova&DeAmicis Law firm works in close cooperation with partners in the field of accounting, tax consulting, human resources, professional translations and other services, which gives us the opportunity to offer additional assistance for the needs of your business.

Our long-term partners offer to the clients of Petrova&DeAmicis law firm quality guarantee services under preferential conditions.

Being our client you will have the chance to use a discount from the standard prices of our partners including:

– a discount upon execution of an accountancy agreement with our partners (you could find more information here);

– a discount from the prices for translation, legalization and other services, offered by our partner Logos Lex Services (you could find more information here);

– a discount from the price of human resources services offered by our partners from Essen Consulting Human Resources Agency (you can find more information here);

Specifics of the business

During our initial session we will introduce to you the different opportunities and requirements referred to your activity. If it is necessary to defend the goods and services that you offer, we will discuss with you the option to register your own trade mark.

Provided that the specifics of your business require a license or a registration, we will be pleased to assist you in the procedure step by step.

We will help you to settle your relationships with clients and partners by consulting and preparing the necessary agreements.

Our experience helps us foresee the issues that you may encounter in your business and we know how important it is for you to receive quality consulting straight from the beginning. We accompany our client in the process of their commercial activities and we are ready to meet along with them any new challenge. We shall help our clients to restructure their business when the work volume increases significantly or when an optimization is necessary so that it shall respond to the market changes. Our cooperation with partners in other countries helps us offer appropriate solutions to our clients who are planning to develop their activities abroad.

For our foreign clients

We provide overall consultation to our foreign clients who have decided to start a business in Bulgaria with respect to the positioning of their activity on the Bulgarian and European market. Bulgaria offers attractive opportunities for foreign investors and yet we know how important it is to rely on a team of trusted professionals who are well acquainted with the legislation and the specifications of the local market.

Our partners’ network helps us to find and offer to you trusted partners that will spare you time and risk so that you could concentrate on the development of your business.


It is indisputable that a well consulted business is running smoothly without needless disputes and long and expensive court proceedings. The aim of our consultants is to stand next to our clients in the process of settling the relations with new partners so that their interests are best protected.

Whenever it is necessary, we shall provide to our clients professional legal service in procedures for defending their rights and interests before courts and other competent institutions.

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