Commercial and Company Law

  • Incorporation and registration of companies, registration of changes, related to their activity;
  • Restructuring and transformation of companies (acquisitions, mergers, splits, change the legal form);
  • Preparation of documents for general meetings and other decision of the company bodies;
  • Preparation of internal regulations of companies;
  • Liquidation of commercial companies;
  • Assistance in the insolvency procedures;
  • Incorporation and registration of non-profit legal entities.

Consultations, legal opinions and contracts:
• Consultations and preparing opinions in the area of civil and commercial law;
• Preparation of agreements and contracts;
• Preparation of powers of attorney, declarations, notary invitations and other documents;
• Participation in negotiations for the establishment of trade relations and dispute resolution;

Real estates
• Assistance and advising on the management and transfers of real estate, including preliminary contracts, notary deeds etc.;
• Researches and analysis of real estate, ownership and encumbrances;
• Assistance with notary procedures;

Labor law, personnel management
• Consultations and assistance on conclusion, registration, changes and terminations of labor contracts;
• Consultations and assistance with disciplinary and financial liability of the employees;
• Preparation and approval of internal regulations;
• Preparation and registration of Collective Agreements;
• Assistance with the preparation of documents for retirement.

Transport Law
• Complete legal service for transport companies;
• Consultations and assistance in obtaining licenses and permits;
• Consultations and assistance in concluding contracts of carriage, incl. transportation of dangerous goods, shipping contracts, etc.;
• Consultations on liability of the carrier claims;
• Assistance in collection of receivables;
• Appeals of administrative penalties in the country and abroad for violations;

Court and arbitral proceedings
Assistance and representation in court and arbitral proceedings on civil and commercial disputes, appealing administrative acts, in proceedings for recognition and enforcement of judgments of foreign judgments institutions and others.